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Absinthe "Les Bleues"

Swiss "Blanches" are traditionally called “La Bleue”. Their popularity in Switzerland is a consequence of the long tradition of clandestine absinthe production in the Val de Travers - hiding a crystal-clear liquid in plain site was far easier than concealing a bright green one!

La Clandestine

Absinthe La Clandestine - 53%

Absinthe 'Clandestine' is an authentic La Bleue made in Couvet, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe. Its creator Claude-Alain Bugnon was the first ...


Absinthe DuVallon - 53%

Absinthe DuVallon arises from a true family heritage, dating back to the clandestine era. It's hand-crafted in the Val de Travers in minute quantities, and is regarded by ...

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Absinthe Capricieuse - 72%

La Capricieuse is an unusually complex "La Bleue" with a remarkably multi-dimensional aroma and a surprising but delicate twist of wormwood bitterness on the palate. T ...


Absinthe Sevil - 65%

Absinthe Sevil is the new absinthe from the "artist of the alembics" Monsieur DuVallon, and even though we are already big fans of the Absinthe DuVallon, especially the B ...

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