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Absinthe "Les Vertes"

Green is the colour traditionally associated with absinthe, the colour we instinctively feel it ought to be. The classic green absinthe verte is produced by a 3-step process: first maceration of the herbal mixture in a base alcohol, then distillation of the resultant liquid and finally chlorophyllic coloration by gentle heating of a further herbal infusion.


Green absinthes tend to be the richest and most complex in aroma and flavour, and made up the vast majority of the market in the drink's heyday in Belle Epoque France.

Roquette 1797

Absinthe Roquette 1797 - 75%

The long awaited first release from Archive Spirits is finally here - Absinthe Roquette 1797. The Roquette 1797 is a complex, unusual and spicy absinthe, based directl ...

Berthe de Joux

Absinthe Berthe de Joux - 56%

A MAJOR release from the Emile Pernot distillery, not to be missed! Absinthe Berthe de Joux is an original absinthe formulated and crafted entirely by Dominique Rousse ...

Jade PF 1901

Absinthe Jade PF 1901 - 68%

In 1901 a devastating fire swept through the famous Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier. If it had not been for the quick thinking of two workers who opened the spigots ...


Absinthe Angélique - 68%

From the doyenne of Val de Travers' distillers, Claude-Alain Bugnon, comes Angélique Verte Suisse - a full flavored and complex green absinthe with a complex aromatic nos ...

Jade L\'Esprit d\'Edouard

Absinthe Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard - 72%

In the late 19 century, the house of Edouard Pernod boasted a reputation for crafting some of the best absinthe the world has ever known. First established at Couvet, ...

La Veuve Verte

Absinthe La Veuve Verte - 69%

Absinthe La Veuve Verte pays homage to a true family tradition. It is produced only in very small quantities and represents without doubt one of the very best Swiss « Ver ...

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Jade VS 1898

Absinthe Jade VS 1898 - 65%

The distillery of C. F. Berger was founded in Couvet, in the canton of Neufchâtel, Switzerland in 1823. The Berger distillery produced several Swiss style absinthes, the ...

Un Emile 68 Verte

Absinthe Un Emile 68 Verte - 68%

Un Emile 68 is classic Pontarlier-style green absinthe from the Emile Pernot Distillery, situated just outside Pontarlier in the shadow of the historic Fort de Joux. A ...

Jade Nouvelle Orléans

Absinthe Jade Nouvelle Orléans - 68%

As the popularity of absinthe swept through France during the mid 19th century, the "Green Fairy" began making her way over to the "Paris" of the New World, Nouvelle-Orlé ...

Sauvage 1804

Absinthe Sauvage 1804 - 68%

Discover the 3rd edition of Absinthe Sauvage on Meaning wild or savage in French, the Sauvage really is something extraordinary. The jewel in Sauvage's ...

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La Maison Fontaine Verte

Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte - 55%

La Maison Fontaine is also a great absinthe that works in a range of sublime cocktail recipes.