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Combier - The Jade Range of Belle Epoque Absinthes

Produced at the historic Combier distillery in century-old alambics originally built for Pernod Fils, the Jade range of Belle Epoque absinthes offers some of the closest commercially available approximations of the fabled absinthes of the pre-ban era.


Crafted by New Orleans native Ted Breaux using wherever possible the original equipment and methods employed by the artisans of the past, these absinthes are based on careful selection of only the most fragrant herbs, the finest grape-based alcohols and scrupulous attention to the original 19th century production protocols.


But the Jade absinthes offer more than historical verisimilitude - they offer the discerning modern-day absintheur an extraordinary range of taste experiences, from the remarkable new PF 1901, a clone of pre-ban Pernod Fils, to the aromatic Edouard, to the full bodied and powerful VS 1898, the delicately floral Nouvelle Orleans and the crystal-clear Blanchette with its scent of alpine herbs.


These are, quite simply, the flagship products of the modern absinthe renaissance, and every absinthe lover should try them.

Jade Nouvelle Orléans

Absinthe Jade Nouvelle Orléans - 68%

As the popularity of absinthe swept through France during the mid 19th century, the "Green Fairy" began making her way over to the "Paris" of the New World, Nouvelle-Orlé ...


Absinthe Blanchette - 60%

Blanchette is a replica of a clear absinthe originally made at the historic Combier Distillery in the Loire between 1899 and 1915. It beautifully combines the fruity f ...

Jade PF 1901

Absinthe Jade PF 1901 - 68%

In 1901 a devastating fire swept through the famous Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier. If it had not been for the quick thinking of two workers who opened the spigots ...

Jade L\'Esprit d\'Edouard

Absinthe Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard - 72%

In the late 19 century, the house of Edouard Pernod boasted a reputation for crafting some of the best absinthe the world has ever known. First established at Couvet, ...

Jade VS 1898

Absinthe Jade VS 1898 - 65%

The distillery of C. F. Berger was founded in Couvet, in the canton of Neufchâtel, Switzerland in 1823. The Berger distillery produced several Swiss style absinthes, the ...

4 x Absinthe Jade - One of Each

Absinthe Set 4 x Absinthe Jade - One of Each

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Combier's Alembics
Combier's AlembicsCombier's Alembics Click on the images to enlarge.


The Gustave Eiffel-designed still room at the Combier Distillery in Saumur, where the Jade absinthes are made.

The two 1100 litre Renaud stills shown at right were purchased from Maison Pernod Fils in the early 1900's.