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Distillery DuVallon - A family tradition

As early as 1951 M. Matthey-Claudet began clandestine absinthe distillation in the mountains outside Fleurier, in the Val-de-Travers, Switzerland. He was a blacksmith in Môtiers, who built his own still and taught himself the art of distillation. He developed over the years a recipe that produced a beautiful white absinthe with just a touch of the bitterness of grand wormwood – subtle and complex, flavoured by several additional herbs as well, all carefully selected and measured.


With time, Marta Charrère (the mother of the current distiller) took over the distillations, the bottle filling and the delivery to customers in the bars and cafes of the Val de Travers. This small scale family-run clandestine distillation operation lasted over 40 years, until 2005 when absinthe was finally re-legalized in Switzerland, and the distillery could operate on a proper commercial basis.

La Veuve Verte

Absinthe La Veuve Verte - 69%

Absinthe La Veuve Verte pays homage to a true family tradition. It is produced only in very small quantities and represents without doubt one of the very best Swiss « Ver ...

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Absinthe Sevil - 65%

Absinthe Sevil is the new absinthe from the "artist of the alembics" Monsieur DuVallon, and even though we are already big fans of the Absinthe DuVallon, especially the B ...

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Absinthe DuVallon - 53%

Absinthe DuVallon arises from a true family heritage, dating back to the clandestine era. It's hand-crafted in the Val de Travers in minute quantities, and is regarded by ...

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Bizarre - 50 cl

Absinthe Bizarre - 50 cl - 69%

Absinthe Bizarre - powerful, sweet in taste, exciting.