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Absinthe L'Adorée - 70 cl - 53%


  • L'Adorée - 70 cl details:
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 53%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Distillery: Gaudentia Persoz
  • Color: Clear
  • City / Region: Couvet / Val-de-Travers
  • Stopper: Plastic cap
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L'Adorée is a mellow and beautifully well-balanced absinthe. A classic high quality “Bleue” from the birthplace of Absinthe – the Val-de-Travers in Switzerland.

What makes this absinthe so special, are the 22 carat gold leaf that come with the bottle. Poured into your glass, the flakes of pure gold will provide a uniquely luxurious experience.

Read what Gaudentia Persoz says about this absinthe:

„We adapted the formula for L'Adorée from an old recipe that originated in the Val-de-Travers. This absinthe has a beautifully smooth mouth feel. Even after it was louched, the small gold flakes are visible and add a beautiful glimmer to the drink.

Characteristic for the L'Adoree is his fine, not too overpowering combination of herbs. Anise with a hint of bitterness, followed by the famous wormwood from the Val-de-Travers. A velvety, long finish makes the L'Adorée a great distillate.

This premium absinthe isn't intended to be drunk every day, but to be enjoyed with a group of friends and connoisseurs at special occasions.”

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