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Absinthe Sauvage 1804 - 68%


  • Sauvage 1804 details:
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 68%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Distillery: Emile Pernot
  • Color: Green
  • City / Region: Pontarlier
  • Stopper: Natural cork
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Meaning wild or savage in French, the Sauvage really is something extraordinary. The jewel in Sauvage's crown is the wild wormwood, collected with great difficulty by a local farmer around Pontarlier, high in the foothills of the Jura mountains, from difficult to reach places and away from everyday life. This wild wormwood is an untainted link with the past. Sauvage 1804 celebrates wormwood and its presence is deeply evident in the final perfume and flavour. Sauvage is strong and complex.

Absinthe Sauvage should be prepared with ice-cold water, which must be added to the absinthe dose as slowly as possible, ideally drop by drop. Careful preparation like this will allow its subtly translucent louche and powerful, room-filling aroma to develop to best effect.

The coloration of Sauvage 1804 is achieved in the most traditional manner possible, using only three classic colouring herbs. Like all natural chlorophyllic colorations it will gradually fade to a so-called feuille morte hue over time. The bottle should be stored upright and, like a fine wine, be kept in cool, dark conditions. Under no circumstances should it be exposed to prolonged sunlight, or to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Each Sauvage 1804 bottle is sealed with a high quality re-usable wood and cork "T-cork", and then finished by hand with green sealing wax.

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By cookeba the 17/10/2011absinthe rating

Brilliant color and louche. Flavor profile is very dynamic from first sip to last.

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