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Fee Verte Fountain - 4 spigots

  • Fountain - 4 spigots details:
  • Height under the spigots: 30 cm
  • Overall height: 61 cm
  • Taps: Plated brass, no plastic
  • Reservoir capacity: 2 litres
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An original creation rather than an exact reproduction, this gorgeous Art-Nouveau inspired fountain has the reservoir held aloft by the beautiful figure of La Fee Verte.

This is the full size 4 spigot version, with the figure of La Fee Verte even more dramatic and finely detailed than on the smaller 2 spigot model. Suitable even for the largest glasses. Made entirely from glass and solid plated brass, absolutely no plastic parts. This is our single most popular fountain.

Can be easily disassembled into several pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Advice on using your fountain:

• Before using for the first time, rinse the fountain's glass reservoir with warm water.
• Fill half of the fountain reservoir with spring water and add a large quantity of ice cubes or a block of ice (a half bottle of frozen spring water for example).
• Let the whole fountain cool for at least 10 minutes.
• The rate of flow from the spigots is important. If too slow, the absinthe will warm up to room temperature, if too fast, the absinthe won’t exhibit a proper louche. Adjust the spigots until you are a satisfied with the result.
• After use, empty your fountain and if possible let it dry upside down with all spigots in an open position.
• Do not rinse your fountain with hot water immediately after use, the glass reservoir could crack due to the sudden change between iced and hot water.

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