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See-saw Dripper

  • Dripper details:
  • Material: Chromium plated metal
  • Height: 12 cm
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An occasional alternative to the perforated spoon was the brouilleur, or mixer - a small metal or glass bowl that sat on top of the glass, and which, when filled with water, automatically dripped sugared water into the dose at the required rate.

More elaborate versions had a separate platform to hold the sugar cube, and this - the most famous model of all, the so-called Cusenier "Auto Verseur" - added a further refinement: an oscillating see-saw to control the dripping water. The tic-toc of the see-saw as it deposits the dripping water first on the one side, then on the other is absolutely mesmeric to watch.

This is a perfect reproduction of the immensely rare and expensive original from circa 1890.

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By Micah the 18/10/2011absinthe rating

This dripper is quite fascinating and fun to watch, unfortunately the dripper you send me was tarnished, I tried to use baking soda bleach to remove some of it but instead this dissolved the poorly plated chromium. I then tried the aluminum foil and baking soda trick which returned some of the shine. Care also must be taken when washing, as water becomes trapped between the bell and the ring with the words "absinthe" printed on it, and sediment then bubbles up out of that joint. It's a lovely apparatus but For $54 I was sorely disappointed with the quality of the finish.

Comment from Absinthe Classics:

Hello Micah - we're sorry to hear the see-saw dripper was tarnished. These come to us individually sealed in their packets from the makers.

We would never recommend using bleach or chemical products to clean metal items, only a light polish.

In any case, we will replace this brouilleur for you with our compliments. Please get in touch either using the contact form on the front page of Absinthe Classics or send an email to info (at)

Best wishes, Andrew.

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