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Antique Fountain I - 4 spigots

  • Fountain I - 4 spigots details:
  • Overall height: 53 cm
  • Taps: Brass
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A splendid reproduction of an authentic 19th century fountain. A superbly refined base upholds a glass jar containing the water that will pour in your absinthe glasses thanks to the 4 spigots allowing a variable flow.

Impressive as a decoration item, this elegant fountain can also be the ideal accessory during your absinthe tastings with friends.

It can be entirely taken into pieces for an easy maintenance.

Usage Advice:

• Before the first use, rinse your fountain glass jar with temperate water.
• Fill half of the fountain with spring water and add a lot of ice cubes or a block of ice (a half bottle of frozen spring water for example).
• Let the whole fountain cool for an hour or two.
• The rate of flow from the spigots is also important. If too slow, the beverage will warm up, if too fast, the absinthe won’t be louched at its best.
• After use, empty your fountain et let it dry upside down with all spigots in open position.
• Do not rinse your fountain with tepid or hot water just after use, the glass jar could crack following an irreversible thermic shock!

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