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Reservoir Pontarlier Glass

  • Glass details:
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Capacity: 25 cl
  • Reservoir: 4 cl
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This is the most famous of all absinthe glasses, with a distinctive nipped-in reservoir to hold the absinthe dose. It's striking design was immortalised by the Pontarlier artist Charles Maire in his famous still life created for Pernod Fils, chromolithographic reproductions of which hung in almost every cafe and bar of Belle Epoque France.

This superb replica of the antique original is entirely hand-blown.

6 Customer Reviews:

By Raoul the 11/01/2014absinthe rating

I'm very happy with this design. So easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

By Giuseppe Fulco the 07/06/2013absinthe rating

It's the only true ideal glass to drink absinthe. Poetic ...

By Harry the 06/11/2011absinthe rating

Beautiful glass, but there are some problems at the base of a few small air bubbles, so that I can not put 5 stars.

Note from Andrew at Absinthe Classics:

Hello Harry, thanks for the comment. I'd like to reassure you that small air bubbles in the glass are completely normal and a sign that the glasses are hand-made, and mouth-blown following traditional glass making techniques.

By Kris the 18/10/2011absinthe rating

Allows for an accurate ratio of Absinthe to water. The glass is high quality, and thick enough to be a sturdy glass. The only thing I don't like is after the water is poured over the sugar, and you try to mix the sugar with the cold water, the sugar has a tendency to sink into the bulb and not mix well. I have to stir it a lot to get the sugar mixed well. So that's a design issue. But the piece is well made.

By Fredrik in Sweden the 30/09/2011absinthe rating

Vacker, Och originell
Enkel att hälla upp exakt 4 cl i den lilla kopp formade nedre delen

By Paul Hellweg the 21/09/2011absinthe rating

If you're going to drink absinthe, you'll need these to do it properly.

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