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Glass Dripper

  • Dripper details:
  • Material: Glass
  • Diameter at top: 9 cm
  • Diameter at base: 6,5 cm
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An occasional alternative to the perforated spoon was the brouilleur, or mixer - a small metal or glass bowl that sat on top of the glass, and which, when filled with water, automatically dripped sugared water into the dose at the required rate.

This is a finely made glass version, entirely handblown, that will fit most standard absinthe glasses, including our Pontarlier, Swirl and Cordon models.

How to use your dripper/brouilleur?

With a sugar: Put the sugar cube in the absinthe dripper, then slowly pour water over it, allowing it to flow through the dripper. (You can also add one or two ice cubes)

Without sugar: Fill the dripper brouilleur with ice cubes or crushed ice, then carefully add water, or - if you're very patient - wait for the ice to melt.

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