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The Absinthe Encyclopedia

  • Absinthe Encyclopedia details:
  • Author: David Nathan-Maister
  • Language: English
  • Nb of pages: 362
  • Size: 8.25" x 10.75"
  • Nb of illustrations: nearly 1000 (coloured)
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Following on from the success of our first book, the facsimile edition of the 1872 English translation of Duplais' Traité de la Fabrication des Liqueurs et de la Distillation des Alcools we're very pleased to announce a new publication:

-- The Absinthe Encyclopedia --
A Guide to the Lost World of Absinthe and La Fée Verte

Written by David Nathan-Maister, it surverys the history of absinthe from earliest days right up to the present, with a particular focus on its glittering heyday in Belle Epoque France. Hundreds of full colour illustrations document every aspect of the drink - its distillation and production, the grande marques that distributed it, the bars and cafés that served it, the patrons - men and women, rich and poor, soldiers and politicians, poets, artists, lovers and boulevardiers - who drank it. Special sections describe the various drinking rituals in exhaustive detail, others deal with absinthes popularity and spread in the USA, its alleged "secondary effects" and the disputed syndrome of absinthism, the hard fought and ultimately successful campaign to ban it in France, Switzerland and elsewhere, and 80 years later, its modern renaissance at the dawn of the 21st century.

Essentially the entire contents of the Virtual Absinthe Museum are included in the book, with chapters devoted to absinthe spoons, glasses, fountains, pyrogenes, carafes, advertising postcards and posters, absinthe related books, journals and newspapers, and early photographic and film references. For collectors of absinthe related art, antiques and
accouterments the book is an essential reference, unequalled by anything published in English or French to date.

The book includes a comprehensive index. Printed in full colour on high quality paper, it's 362 pages in length, and is available as a sturdily case-bound hardcover edition.

Absinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe EncyclopediaAbsinthe Encyclopedia
Sample pages: click on the images to see enlarged versions.

3 Customer Reviews:

By The Spirit the 07/06/2013absinthe rating

There are so many reasons to buy this book and none not to. If you have an interest in absinthe or just love good books this is a great buy.

By Mona Svinchak the 24/04/2013absinthe rating

The book is awesome and the only avalable full absinthe enclopedia I know.

By eslider the 03/07/2011absinthe rating

What a wonderful book! Full of rare history and charm!

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