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Fee Verte Fountain - 2 spigots

  • Fountain - 2 spigots details:
  • Height under the spigots: 24 cm
  • Overall height: 48 cm
  • Taps: Plated brass, no plastic
  • Reservoir capacity: 2 litres
Average customer score:
absinthe rating Read the comments
An original creation rather than an exact reproduction, this Art-Nouveau inspired fountain has the reservoir held aloft by the beautiful figure of La Fee Verte.

Both decorative and practical, small enough to keep in a cupboard if desired when not in use. Made entirely from glass and solid plated brass, absolutely no plastic parts. A great value fountain.

Can be easily disassembled into several pieces for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Advice on using your fountain:

• Before using for the first time, rinse the fountain's glass reservoir.
• Fill half of the fountain reservoir with spring water first, and then add a large quantity of ice cubes or a block of ice (a half bottle of frozen spring water for example).
• Let the whole fountain cool for at least 10 minutes.
• The rate of flow from the spigots is important. If too slow, the absinthe will warm up to room temperature, if too fast, the absinthe won’t exhibit a proper louche. Adjust the spigots until you are a satisfied with the result.
• After use, empty your fountain and if possible let it dry upside down with all spigots in an open position.
• Do not rinse your fountain with hot water immediately after use, the glass reservoir could crack due to the sudden change between iced and hot water.

2 Customer Reviews:

By abs the 26/02/2012absinthe rating

Amazing quality... Was not sure what to expect as I have ordered a cheaper one from another source and it was absolute crap. I was impressed with the quality, appearance and how well it functions.

By alvaro the 21/09/2011absinthe rating

There is a small imperfection in the base of the fountain.

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