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Frénay Feuille - Sterling Silver Spoon

  • Spoon details:
  • Metal: 0.925 Sterling silver with germanium alloy
  • Dimensions: 169mm x 40mm
  • Weight: Approx 42.5g (or 27.3 dwt)
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The ultimate absinthe spoon: a new sterling silver replica of the legendary Frénay Feuille spoon from Kirk Burkett.

The extraordinary leaf-design Feuille spoon made by the Parisian silversmiths Armand Frénay was recognized almost from the outset as the most beautiful of all absinthe spoons.

Today, surviving originals are not just rare, but essentially unobtainable - less than a handful survive, and only one has come on the market in the last decade. A few replicas have been made in recent years, but without exception they are merely rough approximations of the originals, crudely copied from catalogue illustrations.

Frenay Feuille Absinthe SpoonFrenay Feuille Absinthe SpoonFrenay Feuille Absinthe Spoon
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By jean-luc the 26/02/2012absinthe rating

It was a christmas gift. My brother was happy, so am I.

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