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Absinthe Jade PF 1901 - 68%


  • Jade PF 1901 details:
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 68%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Distillery: Combier
  • Color: Green
  • City / Region: Saumur
  • Stopper: Natural cork
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  • Color before louche: 9/10
  • Louche: 9.5/10
  • Color after louche: 8.5/10
  • Aroma: 27.5/30
  • Mouth-feel: 9/10
  • Taste: 18/20
  • Overall: 9.5/10
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In 1901 a devastating fire swept through the famous Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier. If it had not been for the quick thinking of two workers who opened the spigots on the giant barrels of absinthe, allowing them to drain into the Doubs River, the destruction could have been much more severe. When the distillery was rebuilt and repaired, the original alambics were replaced by the most modern equipment of the time.

The old alambics were either destroyed by the fire and sold for scrap or sold off to smaller distilleries. The Combier Distillery purchased two of these 1100 liter stills and installed them along with the 8 smaller stills which had been a part of the distillery since 1894. The importance of this history and especially the authenticity of these two circa 1870’s alambics were not overlooked when Ted Breaux chose the Combier Distillery in which to make Jade vintage absinthes clones.

Christened Jade Absinthe ‘PF 1901’ its unusual name is in recognition of the anniversary of the year that gave the old Pernod alambics a new life. A huge amount of work and original research has gone into the creation of this product. Since the beginning of the Jade project, intricacies of the old 19th century alambics, and plants sources have been upgraded where ever possible. All the wormwood used in the PF 1901comes from new plantings in Pontarlier, regarded as the source of the finest wormwood, and of course the origin for the wormwood that went into all the great classic absinthes of the 19th century. Breaux’s Jade absinthes are the first modern absinthes made outside of Pontarlier to use its wormwood, and its highly aromatic qualities are immediately apparent.

PF 1901 is a classic ‘old-school’ absinthe, balanced and crisp, with an appetizing herbal aroma and a smooth, lingering aftertaste.

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4 Customer Reviews:

By gabriel the 01/03/2014absinthe rating

Bravi! ottimo servizio di spedizione,la bottiglia mi piace tanto.Sicuramente faro altri acquisti da voi. Saluti.

By Giuseppe Fulco the 21/08/2013absinthe rating

Truly exceptional! Satisfied! This absinthe is definitely on the podium!

By Good stuff the 07/06/2013absinthe rating

Very good, very complex taste. I've never had preban absinthe but this is different than any ansinthe I have tried. I am glad to have ordered, very fast shipping and look forward to getting more.

By Pelpa the 21/09/2011absinthe rating

Excellent product, one of the best absinthe available.

2 Tasting notes from

Review by Hartsmar 22/01/2007

Nice light "peridot" green. Perfectly clear.

Really nice louche. With the characteristic clear layer on top until fully louched and ends up completely opaque. Great!

Light kind of white-green. More than allright.

AROMA 27/30
Before adding water it presents a nice front of anise and a nice wormwood that comes out from behind.
This is paired with a touch of mint and really nice fennel which remains in the nose.
After adding water is goes into bloom and really opens up. Room-filling to say the least.

Very good. Smooth, creamy, full bodied, complex and... Just great.

TASTE 18/20
Very nice taste. A very well balanced taste here. The herbal complexity it presents
is excellent and the nice bitter touch of the wonderful wormwood is nicely accompanied by the floral notes
of the lighter herbs.

This is a very nice absinthe. By far the best Jade absinthe yet and definitely one of the best absinthes out there today.
I give this a 10 because I am confident that it will stay that way as well. This one will certainly remain at the top of the
best absinthes for a long time to come.

Hartsmar scores Jade PF 1901 90 out of 100

Review by Absomphe 05/12/2006

Beautiful, refractive medium peridot green.

Slowly building, turbid louche which is mostly opaque, but with some lovely opalescent highlights, and a nice vibrance.

Milky white, but with some solid green underpinning. Very appetizing.

AROMA 28/30
Neat, there is that characteristic marc spirit mustiness (although it does NOT come across as funky in the slightest), as well as earthy wormwood tones. With the addition of water the aroma blossoms into a virtual herb garden of anise, fennel, and coriander, and that musty quality vanishes.

I was close to awarding a perfect ten in this area. The only word that comes to mind is silky. It is more spritely than the Jade Verte Suisse, and fuller than the Edouard, and strikes a near-perfect balance between the two (as I remember them).

TASTE 18/20
Beautifully rounded, spicy/herbal flavor that is meticulously crafted, and accented by the grape alcohol base that adds earthy depth to the mix. After sipping a second glass, I noticed a definite citric quality to this absinthe, which may be imparted by melissa, but seems more like an ester emanating from an aggregate of several herbs, and this really adds to the finesse of this absinthe. The minty/ bitter finish lingers delightfully.

I'm really blown away by this luxurious effort, and I look forward to doing a side-by-side sampling of it, and a glass from the 1914 Cache.

Absomphe scores Jade PF 1901 92 out of 100

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