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Absinthe Jade Nouvelle Orléans - 68%


  • Jade Nouvelle Orléans details:
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 68%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Distillery: Combier
  • Color: Green
  • City / Region: Saumur
  • Stopper: Natural cork
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Average customer score:
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  • Color before louche: 8.5/10
  • Louche: 9.5/10
  • Color after louche: 9/10
  • Aroma: 27/30
  • Mouth-feel: 8/10
  • Taste: 18/20
  • Overall: 9/10
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As the popularity of absinthe swept through France during the mid 19th century, the "Green Fairy" began making her way over to the "Paris" of the New World, Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans).

French-speaking travelers and immigrants alike carried their passion for absinthe with them to this vibrant port city, and by the advent of the 20th century, cafés like the famous Old Absinthe House were making a name for themselves by cooling the humid summers with absinthe frappes and the famous absinthe-based Sazerac cocktail.

Jade Nouvelle-Orléans - with its unique perfume, light, refreshing mouth-feel and delectable floral finish - pays tribute to the now long-forgotten New Orleans absinthes of this era.

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2 Customer Reviews:

By Raoul the 11/01/2014absinthe rating

Without claiming to be an expert myself; this Absinthe delivers on an excellent refreshment with charming color and louche.

By none the 09/01/2014absinthe rating

I have never had a "real" absinthe to make a Sazerac. The Nouville Orleans is my first absinthe. A nice rye, Peychaud's bitters, twist of lemon peal, and a glass coated with absinthe is a delight. Herbsaint is fine, but does not bring out the flavors of the drink as does the real thing. My bottle arrived in fine condition. Unfortunately, my state having such strange liquor laws, I had to travel to another state to pick up my absinthe, but it was a worthwhile wait. The absinthe is wonderful by itself, and the ritual is a fun thing to do, especially with friends. Thank you.

2 Tasting notes from

Review by precenphix 11/02/2006

A clear green, similar to Chartreuse.

Slow forming from the bottom of the glass, holding a definite thin green line as the dilution is completed. Nicely done. Gorgeous, in fact.

Beautiful shade of opalescent green.

AROMA 28/30
Spicy! Green anise in good balance with fennel, wormwood and I swear to God, a touch of cinnamon. Smells hearty. Salivary glands active.

Full, but not what I would describe as rich. Tongue remains intact (very little numbness) after a few glasses.

TASTE 18/20
Notably easy to drink. Surprisingly sweet, but in no way cloying. This one benefits from sugar, but in much lesser values. Too much will mask everything mentioned in the nose.

Among the best I've had and certainly in the top 3. Everything is dead-on here. From the presentation to the empty glass, waiting for a refill.

precenphix scores Jade Nouvelle Orléans 89 out of 100

Review by Brunswick Green 18/12/2008

Amazing pale, transparent and lively green. So natural.

A natural, dense and even build-up. Soft, magical swirling.

Not totally opaque, subtle green, yellow and blue hues.

AROMA 26/30
In the bottle it's all sweet caramel. Neat in the glass, the initial heavy hit of alcohol is followed by something like wet flintrock and lemongrass. Then it slowly grows more sweet. With water it initially has too much babypowder, but that fades and the complexity returns, though surprisingly light-footed.

Light and strong at the same time, with a perfectly dry finish.

TASTE 18/20
Fleetingly aromatic, you do not just taste it, it's all over your senses. Bergamot, lavender, peppermint and lost memories. Babypowder and fresh wormwood returns at some time. That dry finish really does the trick - rather like a dry martini with lemon peel. Bang-bang, there was a snubnose revolver under her frou-frou.

It's the kinda stuff that will have you going uh and ah and discover new sensations with every sip. She does taste like candy. Harmonious but very complex, aromatic and feminine. Like all the Jades, amazing packaging - notice the wax seal, dark somewhere beyond Brunswick Green - lovely :)

Brunswick Green scores Jade Nouvelle Orléans 88 out of 100

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