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Absinthe Doubs Mystique - 65%


  • Doubs Mystique details:
  • Capacity: 50 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 65%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Distillery: Emile Pernot
  • Color: Green
  • City / Region: Pontarlier
  • Stopper: Steel screw cap
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Average customer score:
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  • Reviews from
  • Color before louche: 9.5/10
  • Louche: 9/10
  • Color after louche: 9/10
  • Aroma: 27.5/30
  • Mouth-feel: 9.5/10
  • Taste: 18.5/20
  • Overall: 9.5/10
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International Wine & Spirit Competition 2008 - Gold MedalDoubs Mystique "Carte d'or" is a superb ultra-premium absinthe distilled in century old alambics in Pontarlier, in the heart of the Doubs region of eastern France, the historical home of absinthe.

Our aim in formulating and distilling Doubs Mystique Carte d'or was simple: we wanted to make, absolutely without
regard to cost or technical difficulties, the finest, most complex, most delicious absinthe possible. How well we've
succeeded will be up to you to judge, but the feedback we've received from some of the most expert and demanding connoisseurs has been nothing short of outstanding. Doubs Mystique is not, unlike our Roquette 1797, an historical-recreation absinthe. It's a modern absinthe, to please the modern palate, although one that pays homage to the recipes and methods of the past. No other modern absinthe has as extensive a herb bill - the secret, we believe, of Mystique's richness, smoothness and remarkable complexity of aroma and flavour.

All the herbs - including of course the grande absinthe - that could be sourced from the Pontarlier region were sourced locally. Enormous effort was expended on herb selection, and preparation. The youngest distillations in the final blend are at least 6 months old, the oldest more than a year old, and this balance will be maintained in future production.

At the recent International Wine & Spirits Competition, our Doubs Mystique won the GOLD MEDAL and BEST IN CLASS - the only absinthe, out of dozens of entries, to be so honoured. The IWSC is the oldest, largest and most respected competition of its kind, and we're thrilled to have received this immensely prestigious award.

1 Customer Review:

By Alan in CA the 21/01/2012absinthe rating

Definitely a super premium absinthe. Good louche, color and aroma. Robust flavor; modern and complex, with one element after another presenting itself--wormwood, anise, a certain spiciness, etc. A real treat.

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Review by Absomphe 21/11/2007

Very nice medium peridot green with slight hints of yellow.

Slow and steady with swirlig trails that are lovely to behold, but could be just a little thicker.

Light minty green with whitish tones. It's a very appealing shade, but slightly on the pale side, like a verte/blanche half 'n half.

AROMA 28/30
Minty, and very floral, redolent with that wonderful Pontarlier wormwood, but short of room-filling, or I would have tacked on a point.

Nicely firm, but not creamy, very much in keeping with the refreshing quality of this absinthe.

TASTE 18/20
Extremely harmonious in flavor, only the fragrant and floral wormwood really stands out in this beautifully crafted creation, and it makes the whole experience, carrying into a very long, and sprightly finish. There is detectable anise, and fennel (which serves as a bridge to that killer wormwood), but they are clearly the ancillary players whose ultimate mission is to showcase that herb that absinthe is named for.

Doubs Mystique is a wonderfully refreshing absinthe, and a most successful effort obviously aimed at the sophistacated modern palate, and brilliant at featuring its shining star, Pontarlier wormwood. Although the louche is not quite as creamy, it definitely reminds me of L'Artisinale in some aspects (not quite as fennel forward, or creamy in texture, but a little smoother, and also wonderfully Pontarlier wormwood-forward.
What an amazing transformation from its earlier namesake!

Absomphe scores Doubs Mystique 90 out of 100

Review by OCvertDe 25/03/2008

Bright, clear, brilliant green; very rich, very natural. Perfection.

Wonderful slow louche. Strong, turbulent oil trails that swirl and balloon as each drop of water plunges a new storm of contrails through the last. Doesn’t begin clouding until nearly 1:1, and very gradually thickens to fill the glass until fully opaque near 3:1. A fantastic show with wonderful layering throughout.
I still fantasize about an absinthe that louches like this one only with more definition in the smoky wisps, but I’m far from disappointed with this.

Very mature, natural, semi-pale green; fully opaque with nice shading and nuance. As it should be.

AROMA 27/30
Fresh and clean, herbal and complex with only a pleasantly mild hint of a medicinal quality or alcohol.

Excellent. A smooth, rich, creamy numbness that all hits at once in a perfectly balanced harmony of sensations. I could drink this for the mouth feel alone until I passed out, and as a rule I’m a very conservative drinker.

TASTE 19/20
Almost exactly the way it smells, only better. Deep, rich, very smooth- there’s just a faint hint of bitterness, alcohol base, medicinal and herbal intensity to keep it interesting. Not too heavy nor too light, not too herbal or too sweet, not too unconventional nor too traditional, not to violent nor too bland… it's just excellent. Each individual ingredient can be tasted with distinction, but none step on the others. If you’ll pardon the oxymoron: simply complex. Unobtrusive enough to be sipped without excessive pondering, and complex enough to dwell on if you desire to. Very refreshing. It elicits thoughts of a brisk spring day as much as a cozy Christmas evening- in other words, this one tastes good any time no matter what kind of mood you’re in, it will adapt. Fantastic.

When Duplais named one of their products “Balance”, they either didn’t of know of Doubs Mystique, didn’t foresee Doubs Mystique, or simply hoped none of their customers would. To my mouth, THIS is a perfectly "balanced" Absinthe that excels in every area. Expertly crafted; it will give as much or as little attention back as you give to it, with astounding flexibility. I cannot say enough about how much I love it. This is the first absinthe I’ve ever considered buying in bulk, and I intend to. Until further notice, this is my favorite libation bar none. I’m not sure it can be improved upon, and I won’t be disappointed if I ever discover this is as good as it gets. My only complaint is that I have six other different bottles of absinthe on my counter, and all I want to drink is this.

Based on one 30ml sample mixed 3:1

OCvertDe scores Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or 95 out of 100

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