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Absinthe Angélique - 68%

64.00 €

91.50 €/Liter
  • Angélique details:
  • Capacity: 70 cl
  • Alcohol Content: 68%
  • Production Method: Distillation
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland
  • Distillery: Artémisia-Bugnon
  • Color: Green
  • City / Region: Couvet / Val-de-Travers
  • Stopper: Natural cork
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  • Color before louche: 9.5/10
  • Louche: 9/10
  • Color after louche: 9/10
  • Aroma: 24/30
  • Mouth-feel: 8/10
  • Taste: 17.5/20
  • Overall: 8.5/10
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Absinthiades 2009 - Gold MedalFrom the doyenne of Val de Travers' distillers, Claude-Alain Bugnon, comes Angélique Verte Suisse - a full flavored and complex green absinthe with a complex aromatic nose and a rich, satisfying mouth-feel.

This is an unusual true Swiss “Verte” from the Val-de-Travers, made from 12 different herbs, including angelica and the locally grown wormwood. Its colour is obtained by a classic post-distillation maceration of different aromatic herbs - absolutely no artificial colouring is added.

Angélique Verte Suisse is sometimes described as the rebel sister of Claude-Alain's better known clear absinthe, La Clandestine. Angélique is stronger and more bitter, but nevertheless retains a classic Swiss absinthe character.

1 Customer Review:

By Nicholas the 13/02/2012absinthe rating

Angelique is an impeccable absinthe. Full of flavor and complexity. It is truly a treat.

Before louche: A peridot green. Has a very strong alcohol smell with light floral backdrops

During louche: Has a bit of a slow build to it. Perfumes the room. When fully louched it has a standard opalescent color.

Taste: This is the reason behind my five star review. When upon first taste it has a nuce balance if anise and wormwood but out of nowhere comes this cascade of delightful floral and herbal flavors. It is almost like a violette taste but not quite. I have yet to fully dissect it.

Final: A unique, innovative absinthe that everyone should get a taste of. Regardless if you are an experienced absinthe drinker or first time buyer this will appeal to both ends of the spectrum. Claude-Alain Bugnon did well

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Review by EdouardPerneau 08/05/2008

green nice

fast and thick

thick greenish louche

AROMA 25/30
very nice no trace of funk

thick bitter but pleasant

TASTE 18/20
very great forest like, complex

this absinthe is very nice one of my favorite it give what a bootleg Val-de Travers verte could be and it is very nice.

EdouardPerneau scores Angélique 87 out of 100

Review by Wolfgang 13/11/2008

Very nice and natural slightly golden green. I can't see any problem there.

I'm pouring ice cold water over sugar on a vintage spoon. At 68%, it can sustain some water before beginning to louche. It gives you a chance to see it develop one drop at a time, first drawing some light tendrils of disturbed herbal essences but it is not louching yet. When the louche does begin, it forms an interesting and uneven cloud, as if it was so thick the first louche had a tendency to develop right under where the drop of water fell and not elsewhere. This unstable state can stand for minutes if you don't share the glass. I now dare to disturb it a bit faster to observe the formation of the usual layer but I went to fast and it is now completely louched at about 1:3. Going slower and drop by drop is advisable and would probably allow one to gradually get rid of the layer of unlouched absinthe up to 1:4 water ratio. Now it is completely and thickly louched.
This is one of the best louche action I have seen even if a little fast. It is well worth taking your time doing it manually with a spoon.

Nothing to complain about here. Maybe it is a little bit too thick and would be more pleasing to the eye at a higher dilution but it would make it taste thin so I prefer to leave it as is.

AROMA 22/30
neat: Somewhat alcoholic and a tiny bit funky. Not bad but not perfect. May improve with age as this is still a very young distillation.
Louched : it remains reserved. It reminds me of a wine that is still too young and need a few years to fully develop. I don't know if this is what will happen to my second bottle I got for aging. Only time will tell. The funky hint is lowered, adding water brought out the anis needed to balance it all. It is fine but not as exuberant as I would like. Collecting just a bit less distillate would make it excellent. edit: I now have the confirmation this was batch related, my other bottle is much better. The better batch evolve into a lovely spiciness if you let the glass stand for a while (cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper?). I'm pretty sure those spices are not in there but this is the impression it gives. the better bottle rates much higher, ending up at 88%).

Not as thick as I would expect while looking at it but still very nice.

TASTE 17/20
properly and slowly louching this nice verte over sugar really brings out its potential. This glass if really balanced, leaving some peppery notes in the finish. There's just enough bitterness to allow a perfect balance with sugar. There are just enough herbal flavors without being heavy. Anis is strong and even a little bit tongue numbing at this water ratio but I like it. If only it would smell and fill the room with perfume as it taste, it would be wonderful.

A very nice absinthe verte, well done and worth putting aside for some aging. I'm glad I can now put my hands on such a fine product. This absinthe is growing on me. My first glass was quite ordinary but this one is the third (the first tonight mind you). It probably needed some breathing after first opening the bottle. I also like the 68% concentration. I'm not paying for water and I like to add the water myself.

Wolfgang scores Angélique 83 out of 100

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