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Which modern drinks are related to absinthe ?

Pastis has similarities, but is not, contrary to popular belief, basically absinthe without the wormwood. Most pastis manufacturers such as Pernod-Ricard use far higher concentrations of star anise (which accounts for pastis’ overwhelming aniseed taste) together with added sugar, and bottle at a maximum 40% alcohol. Pastis contains many herbs not found in absinthe, and also sometimes spices, which are never used in absinthe. Pastis is made by adding herbal essences to a base alcohol, whereas fine absinthes are made by maceration of dried herbs in an alcohol-water mixture, followed by distillation.

Real absinthe has a herbal/floral character, without any predominant aniseed character, is dry and slightly bitter (as a result of the wormwood, one of the bitterest organic substances known) and is bottled at at least 55% alcohol (any lower and the wormwood oils precipitate out).