FREE shipping for orders over $250!

Return deliveries

If you wish us to refund your delivery, and you have neither opened, nor used the products ordered, you may return the package in the following way :

1 - Send us an e-mail quoting your order number and explaining the reason for the return. State whether you wish:

•The order to be reshipped, if you did not receive what your ordered, or if it was damaged.


• To be reimbursed by bank transfer. In this case, you should include your bank details in your email (Name of the account holder, IBAN, BIC. S.W.I.F.T.-Address).

You can send us this e-mail via the contact form. You will find your order number on the page your account.

2 – We will then contact you to comply with your wishes.

NB: If you did not receive what you ordered, or if it was damaged, we shall pay the return shipping costs.